Thursday, April 30, 2009

double tankin' it..

Here’s a great example of how to rock a white tank, without exposing too much. A number of fashion faux pas occur with white tanks. You either have the wrong (brightly colored) bra, or an umm perky situation occurs for all eyes to see, or you just feel over exposed. Hilary Duff shows us how, with the simple pairing of another tank under her white one, she gets a cute stylish effect, while managing to keep things (note the plural) under careful discretion. Take note, ladies, take note.

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Till next time ladies.. xoxo

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the nicholas kirtwood effect..

Hmm, though it might only be a small resemblance I have a feeling that the people over at Bebe and topshop might have, just might have, had a glimpse at nicholas kirtwood spring collection. Thoughts?


Monday, April 27, 2009

this week's fashion NOs

Mariah Carey: A dress fit for a cupcake!

Paris: Bzzz… I hope Doug’s not allergic to Bees!

Katie Holmes: Looks like she accidentally wore Tom’s jeans.

*Images courtesy of and

hmm.. see how people make fool of themselves.. well everyone has it's own ups and downs..
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ice creaminess...

Hi ladies! as I promised I posted my package design work,
Which I've worked hard for about 2 and a half days.

Well, besides the printed format, I also did some manual drawings
because we are required to.. hehe

well, here are my hardwork..

This is the layout for the gallon, don't even know why its so small But I've uploaded
it as large.. oh well..

I named my ice cream in gallon SO ICY.

This is the Brand name of my ice cream line..
This is the logo choosen by my professor, after picking from almost 16 different logos..

This is for the popsicle stick. I named it bomb pop, I also included the actual popsicle stick, which is made of clay and colored it with poster paint..

This is for the coned ice cream. It's purple yam flavor so I've colored it purple.. haha.
The name of my ice cream in cone is fudge.

I'm so proud to say that i got a gade of 100 for this plate. My professor gave me the
highest grade.

I'm glad to share this with you ladies.... chiao..


Sunday, April 26, 2009

a lesson in street chiq

Hi gals.. well, I've been browsing thru the net and i've bumped into this article.. I find it so amazing so I decided it post it..

I found it in www.chic i love it because they speak about different kinds of style.
and one of my inspiration when it comes to style is this one..
(i also found this at their site)

It speaks about being petite, like me doesn't stop you from being a true blooded fashionista.
I feel in love with these 3 outfit. well, I may not wear it here, because of the hot weather in our country but i surely love to try one of this....

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Friday, April 24, 2009

busy busy busy...

Good day.. It's been very stressful and busy day for me.
I have to do my plates for 2 days and the submittion of the said plate is on Monday. Well, I have been doing packaging design for our own "ice cream brand". It took me 1 day to finish the design for the ice cream cone and for the Popsicle. I haven't finish the design for the half gallon yet,
and I'm targeting till midnight to finish my designs.

Afterwards I have to do the actual mock up of the designs.

After all the days work, I am happy because my hubby went home from a trip. We haven't seen each other since last Friday. whew! that was a long time enough. He surprised me by coming home and not telling me that he'll be here soon. Oh well..

I missed him so much, so as our little baby boy..
They kept on playing and playing for hours..
That's how much they miss themselves.

...By the way, he' asleep and I'm off to work again..

Oh! and I forgot to say thank you for the comments regarding my last post bout my baby boy. I really do appreciate it so much.. Thank you soooo muuuccchhh!!!!

I'll post my finished designs maybe by sunday.. til next time

Have a nice night ahead lovelies..


Thursday, April 23, 2009

mom's litol rascal

Wazzup gals? I'm back again to tell something about my lovely son.
He's about 1 year and 10 months old. He's a charming and cute
little baby boy. Not to mention he's very much energetic.
He loves to play, play, play, he's so restless I even thought that he
has ADHD, haha!

He's very well loved by our families, He's very much loved
by his grandparents, my sister in law, his cousins
and our other relatives.

Justify FullHe's my little angel, my inspiration for everything that I do.
I always love to be with him.
Everything seems so worth it after a hard days work
when I'm with him.

I'm proud to say that he's my boy!!

This is a collage if done with some of his pictures..

That ends my introduction to my lovely son.. Anthony Carl. It's been a pleasure to introduce him to you.. Till my next blog.. bye for now lovelies..


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


What's up... hmmm, It's been a very stressful day for me.
By the way the video that I placed right above is the video taken this day also.
Well, To start off my story, I have a very very very tragic day.
Gosh! I've never so wasted in my entire life.
It started because I did not get enough sleep yesterday, cuz I have to finish some
packaging design works. I barely slept for about 2 and a half hours or so..

Second.. I was late in my class. It rained so damn hard that it flooded the streets of Manila.
I was forced to walk for about 30 mins to reach my 1st stop. Barely walked for about 2 kilometers..
And then, I called my friend asked her if we still have classes cuz I told her that the roads and
blocked(it's flooded). Then she told me that those who cannot come will be failed in our class.
Desperately clinging on to the time it was around 2:30 pm when I arrived my first stop.

I saw lots of people waiting and standing, I was so shocked to see the entire street flooded.
I have no choice but to cross the flooded streets. OH MY F'N GOD! It was so ewwyy
the fact that there were garbages floating around, and I even saw cockroaches.. hmmm..

And yes, time was running out so I never hesistated well maybe at first, But It left me no choice,
So I walked into the flooded streets(there was like massive traffic jam) Oh I forgot to tell that the water level was like above the knee..

Yes... I did cross the street, first I pulled my pants up to my knee and carried my shoes.
Yes.. I did walked bare footed! Imagine the struggling i'm going through. I did reached the school just in time before the class ends.

Here's the catch!
There isn't any vehicle passing through the flooded waters so my friend faye and I
decided to walk again barefooted amidst the flooded waters(in great despair to go home early)

haha... well, I guess that's my great adventure/misadventures for today..
Lucky me..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

my precious art works part 1

Strawberry flavor

Grape Flavor

Apple Flavor
(These are the label designs I made for a tetra Juice Drink)

Coke in can label design for Coke Alive..

Ad campaign for the 21st Philippine Ad congress

Also an add campaign for an event.

These are the ad campaigns I did for a coffee brand. Which is Alamid Cafe.

gurls... These are just some of the works i've done for the past few years...
I'm proud to say that I made them myself.. haha..
Well I almost forgot to tell you that I'm a fine arts students major in advertising.
I'm currently a 4th year student( well I hope its my last year in CFAD)...

I haven't properly introduced myself to all of you, I'm a 20(well I'm turning 21 this July)
year old, mom.. so called teenage mom, and I'm proud to say that I'm still pursuing my studies.
I have a nearly two year old baby boy. He's name is Anthony Carl.
He's a very charming and an energetic boy indeed..

Lately I've been busy attending my summer class in Packaging Design.
Having meetings with our dean, so that I can take my thesis this year, and hopefully graduate by march. Hopefully..

I'm glad to share some part of my life to you gals...
Till my next bloggie..

mwahhzzz... xoxo

Monday, April 20, 2009

Back very soon, thanks for those you followed my blog.
I'm not yet very much familiar with this bloggie thing.

I'am very much overwhelmed my lovelies..
thanks to all..

It has been a hard day for me,
having to have not enough sleep cuz I have to do school stuff,
YES! I'm sill studying..
Very tough indeed.
It's became much harder because of the rain,(it haven't stop till like yesterday).. I also had a had time traveling to school, I was like hell late for bout an hour or so.
The vehicle that I was riding did not took off that very instant, I have been waiting for about 30 minutes for the other passengers to come.. Oh, by the way, It takes an hour and a half to get to my University. Imagine the stress and the fatigue I'm undergoing while traveling back-and-forth..

Well, as we say, All that starts well ends well, Maybe for others...
Maybe not today.. haha...

Till next time lovelies...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

make over ish..

Here, she did a tri colored look, I love this look cuz its so artistic, I love playing with colors and some sorts.

In this picture she did a girly pink makeup for me, cuz my hubby does not like dark colored eyeshadows. Lovely isn't it?

In this look she created a lovely simple neutral makeup. This can be worn during daytime, and is easy to do.

This look is so called smokey blue, cuz blue is my favorite color.

This will be my first official blog entry in my new account.

These are some of the make over make up sessions with my sister in law.

She also has an account here, she does a lot of make up works and has very much accomplishments in about a year or so. Our make up sessions is probably our so called bonding time. She always loves to make me pretty. Ressassured that I look as gorgeous as always. Well, this is my second account as a blogger, I forgot my username and password so I decided to create a new one. haha.. Here are some her creations with me as her model, haha..

Me with a smokey silver grey look, Love the dramatic effect in this look.
Love Love Love the curls..

Hope You Like It.. Till next time.. mwahhzzz