Friday, July 31, 2009

nailpolish trend


Saturday, July 25, 2009

need help!!

Hi gals! wazzup?? i've been thinking lately,
After browsing through lots of my old pictures having
long hair, It came up to my mind to
which look best suites me..

it was like 3 months ago since I took off my
hair extensions..
I missed having long hair,
but it was so hard to maintain the extensions.

this is my picture with extensions..

or this?
I'm really planning to put my extensions again,
so please help me decide.. thnx.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

fotd(my everyday school makeup)

Hi ladies... so its been how many days since my last post??
I barely could not remember..haha..

sorry for being MIA, I'm just so busy.
I decided to share my FOTD/ everyday make up to school..

I always keep everything natural..
I do not use eyeshadow or something,
just plain old eyeliner, blush and lipstick.

Sometimes, I do wear red lipstick, well not so red,
it's a bit fushia-ish and red in one..

The lipstick that I worn was given to me by my mom,
She does not like pinkish lippies, she wants orangey toned
lucky for me..

And as you can see in the picture, I did used
the headband that SARAH gave to me..
isn't it cute??
well, it's likemy first time to bowed headbands..
I am so inlove with it!

these were taken before i go to school yesterday, since I
do not have classes on thursday and friday.

have a nice days ladies..


Saturday, July 18, 2009

ice age 3 3d+lens case haul

Yesterday.. july 17,2009..
me and my hubby watched

ice age3 in 3d! it's like my first time to watch
such movie in 3d.
It was an awesome gift from
my ever loving hubby..

the movie is awesome, i love it
I was like the only one who
laughed and laughed all the time..

And the whole 3d shades thing was so cooooool...
I never did missed the whole ice age trilogy.
I did watched ice age 1 and ice age 2..

I love scrat!!!! (the prehistoric squirrel)
he's so cute..

My little baby boy loves him also..

I ordered a contact lens case online,
It was so hard to find at first thank god
I did a site selling those stuff..

I ordered it last tuesday,
and the mr. postman guy delivered it

so here's the cute hello kitty lens case!!
sooooo ccuuuuttteeee.....

my lovely package is here!

I also got a freebie.. a cute cellphone charm

and the cute contact lens case!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

my prizes + last monday's haul(picture heavy)

My prizes are here already!!!!
After the long wait..


so.. after the long wait, here it is!!!!
It took me a month before it reached me,, huhu..
The long wait is over!!!!

So I came to me one day,
the stupid postman just left a piece of paper
from the philippine post office,
it said that I have to directly get the package from
the postal office..

My kind hearted hubby said
that he'd be the one to pick up the package..
How sweet of him...

Here is the precious letter she sent me!
and here are my last Monday's recent haul.

item list:
-fashion 21 blush(it's a little bit orangey)
-sembem (brush for my cg powder)
-elianto lip gloss
-elianto single eye shadow(orange)
-eye mo(for my tired eyes)
-lens care
-healing garden body spray
-brat splash form bench(sanitizer)
-yellow elephant necklace
-covergirl trublend minerals

covergirl trublend minerals
loose mineral powder..

It's good for my skin cuz it makes it smooth.
at first I was in doubt to use loose powder rather than
the pressed ones, but did not regret buying it. haha

needed a new blush so I decided to buy it.
love the orangey color it gives.

bought i cuz my eyes always gets easily tired.
I also use eye mo as dropper/solution for my contact lens,
cuz I have sensitive eyes, there came a time when
my eye totally hurt cuz of the dryness..

bought this from clipper love love love it!
it is very spacious inside, and I can almost
put anything in it.

My other haul was this one..
very cheap ones.. haha!!

some of the items here where like sold in 2 packs for
about 4 dollars only.. hehe

here are the eye shadow palettes

I also bought fake nails..

and some random stuff.. haha

Thursday, July 16, 2009

new layout...

So how do you like my new layout?
hi ladies, I really wanted to do some
make up thingy but I'm still super
busy at this moment..

I miss you ladies so much,,
oh! btw It's my birthday this july 20...

That doen't make me happy cuz I'm
getting a year older. So sad also because I have
classes during that day,, huhu,,
well well that's life..

by next day, i'll post my contest prizes
and hauls last week..

Friday, July 3, 2009

movie madness....

I"VE SEEN IT!!!!! love it!!

HI ladies!! hehe.. I'm missing yah ladies a lot.
I 've been doing a lot of school work these past few days.

Btw, just finished watching TRANSFORMERS
"Revenge of
the fallen"..

I was with my hubby.. haha,
managed to go to the mall and watch..
It was like OMGGGG!!!!!
I fucking love love love the movie,
when I first heard about the movie I
was so excited...

I really salute the people behind the CGI department.
Love how they manage to make the graphics as
realistic as possible.. WHEW!!!

How I wish i could learn that also.
and also by the way,
I'm taking up short course of making
computer graphics animation..
for about 5 months, hope to make a short film
made with graphic animations.. haha!!

I just wanted to share some of my paintings, since I haven't posted any of my artworks lately..

the models used here are my clasmates.. this is called abstract art
A portrait of my dear parents,
soryr cuz its still not finished..
wanted to paint frames at the side,
but still I haven't decided on what frame to use..

My very own portrait..
I choose a fairy tale theme,
thumbelina is my inspiration,,
that's why the flower is much bigger than me..

My very own portrait also, this is an impressionist and abstract design..

Hope you all like it,
please don't forget your comments..

Thank you so muchhh!!!