Sunday, February 21, 2010

makeup tag from te nehs

I was surprised to see I was tagged by my lovely sister, hehe..


Friday, February 19, 2010

funny filipino signs...

HI everybody.. well I've been MIA for about a week, (almost)..
I am currently busy preparing for our defense this coming march 6.
All hopes for me and my group.. hehe
Enough of that, I stumbled upon a site of my friend.
And decided to re-post her post.. (what the??)

To all my fellow filipino bloggers...

Filipinos are very happy people,
I don't know if they really intend to express it that way.
I was so laughing all the time when I saw these signs..
MY god!!!
please excuse me, but i have to catch my breath! lol


The word "itlog" itself is funny

no urinating: CLEARLY the sign states that.

because when you combine onion and tomato, it's a UNION:)

the only way to stop this jeep is to fill it up with lubid!

just white

if your pigs have wheels, you can't park them here! but if they have feet, ok lang.

oo nga naman, NO!

just bananas

this is a cute idea for an eco bag. THAT all!

yes, pakisabi lang sa patay!

gising lang ang pwedeng pumasok

is like baskitbowl

and the funniest of all...

ohmygaadd. promise? lol

Hope you enjoyed it, as much as I did!!! love love..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

valentines gift+love


love is in the air, and I never thought that this would be a very very
heart warming day.

I'm so happy I couldn't even sleep thinking of it!!

My hubby and I went to the mall last night (pre valentine's date)
We parted because he said that he'll have an overnyt's stay at his classmates house.He left me all alone at the mall, cuz I was buying some stuff for myself.
He even texted me saying he's sorry and that he'll make it up to me next time..
I was about to go home "alone"
When late that afternoon, he texted me and said that their overnyt will not pursue.
Slightly happy, I replied.
I said that I'm still at the mall.
He texted me said that he'll go there..

To my surprise,
He held at his hand a bouquet of pink
not red,not white but pink.
It's my first time to receive pink roses!!!
They are sooooo lovely..

I even told him that I would ike to have
different kind of bouquet the ones with different flowers on it.. hehe
so demanding, yah right.
It's just that this was a special day and every woman has to feel being loved.
I don't oomph for plastic flowers, I don't like it as much as the real roses do...

last week was my hubby's birthday.
I was not able to buy him a gift so I decided to give it to him last friday.. feb 12.
I bought him a pair of pants and a shirt,
he said that the pants would not fit him so we decided to change the item,
the same price as the pants.
he choose the brown grayish colored shorts.

what's inside the bag???

he even bought his favorite scent (for me)
this was my very first cologne, since he liked it, he never did liked anything I wore except for this one.

I even wrote a short poem for him...

I love the way I can talk to you
And say what's on my mind
I never have to look away
Or keep a thing inside

Tears fill my eyes when you're not around
Or when you just don't care
But I know in my heart you will do what's right
For me, you will always dare

Material things will never matter
As long as I have you
You make every day that passes
So much easier to get through

My worries disappear when you're around
No thoughts of pain or doubt
I feel your love when you hold me close
And kiss me if I pout

I don't care what they are talking about
All I care for is you
I'll jump off a building to show you my love
If that's what I have to do

I love you for everything that you are
Not what you promise to be
I know you can't see why or how
You're the most important thing to me

by the way have you noticed my new watermark? hope you liked it