Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i'm back!

hi there lovelies,
well I've been on temporary hiatus on my blog because I have to
focus more on my school thingy... :) i really really missed blogging.
I'm actually doing my fashion design thesis entitled "WEARABLE ART GOWNS" these are actually hand painted, Grecian-Romanesque inspired gowns.
So these are some of my designs for my image boards. I choose 12 designs, 6 of them are to be made in actual, i'm currently doing 1 and is on my way to do the 2nd.. :) the floral design of each gown is to be hand painted by yours truly. Its so darn hard at first I thought its gonna be easy but when I first laid my brush on the cloth I said to myself "gosh its so nerve wrecking"
i might as well share this with yah all..

marigold flower

pansy flower

peony flower

amaryllis flower

here's the preview of my handpainted design on the pink"pastel gown"
soooo... what do you think?
btw its the peony flower design.

comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.. thank you very much

hope you had a nice day :)