Tuesday, April 21, 2009

my precious art works part 1

Strawberry flavor

Grape Flavor

Apple Flavor
(These are the label designs I made for a tetra Juice Drink)

Coke in can label design for Coke Alive..

Ad campaign for the 21st Philippine Ad congress

Also an add campaign for an event.

These are the ad campaigns I did for a coffee brand. Which is Alamid Cafe.

gurls... These are just some of the works i've done for the past few years...
I'm proud to say that I made them myself.. haha..
Well I almost forgot to tell you that I'm a fine arts students major in advertising.
I'm currently a 4th year student( well I hope its my last year in CFAD)...

I haven't properly introduced myself to all of you, I'm a 20(well I'm turning 21 this July)
year old, mom.. so called teenage mom, and I'm proud to say that I'm still pursuing my studies.
I have a nearly two year old baby boy. He's name is Anthony Carl.
He's a very charming and an energetic boy indeed..

Lately I've been busy attending my summer class in Packaging Design.
Having meetings with our dean, so that I can take my thesis this year, and hopefully graduate by march. Hopefully..

I'm glad to share some part of my life to you gals...
Till my next bloggie..

mwahhzzz... xoxo