Sunday, May 23, 2010

photoshoot part 2

HI.. I've been absent blogging for about a week so I decided to post the part 2 of
our photo shoot last week..

My models are my cousins, but the one who wore the bridal gown
is my hubby's cousin..

hair and makeup done by:
te nehs
photography, concept and model's pose: by me... hehe


Thursday, May 13, 2010

photoshoot with te nehs

I've been extremely busy these past few days with my
photography portfolio I'm so lucky because te nehs is always there to help me..

so here are the sample shots of our pictorial,
we're still looking for more concepts for our future shoots..

feel free to browse and leave precious comments about our work.

hair & makeup: TE NEHS
photography & concept: YOURS TRULY. ♥

so here are the pictures... tadaaaaahhhh!!!!

we'll be doing few more concepts other than these..
these are confidential and would be used for my portfolio.

Monday, May 3, 2010

guapa al natural

HI!!! sorry to lack updates I was too busy scouting materials for my
fashion photo shoot. I'm very much happy because ate nehs,
yes you read it right te nehs
will help me with the
makeup and hair stuff for my models..
I'm having a problem still with the lights to be used.
It's too expensive to rent lights.
I wanted to shoot late afternoon kasi.

Oh well, good luck for us.. ♥

So nothing important and exciting about this post,
hehe, I just wanted to show my ever so cham whoring days.
These were taken a day ago,

I was busy doing lots of skin care routine,
so I lessen my makeup do's...

Thanks to my ever patient self,
my skin looked much nicer without makeup on..

(sorry for the pictures.. they seem to many to look at)
It just so happened that there will always be a time
that you just wanted to take lots and lots of photos of yourself.
yah! I think it's normal, for a girl to do so.. hehe
love it!!!!

es más guapa al natural que en la fotografía
(she's prettier in real life than in the photograph)

I even asked my mom how to translate those words in spanish

my friends told me that I looked like a 17 year old girl
luckily my face doesn't show my real age.
looks can be deceiving...

with the ever so famous "peace sign"

please excuse the electric fan on my left side... :)

it's so nice to share those photos with yah!

--- comments are accepted.. feel free to tell me your thoughts..
xoxo ♥♥♥