Friday, June 5, 2009

hand drawn fashion collection

Hi guys!! just wanted to share my past drawings to yah..
It's been days since my last post and I decided to post
new sets of my drawings.

These were made about a year ago.
hehe, I have lots of drawings that I did,
maybe i'll post it by next week.

It's been raining like hell here in the Philippines.
It's raining for about 3 days straight, decided not to do
any make up, cuz of my mood.

I'm not into the feeling of doing any make up lately..
But I have lots of plans of what look I'll do..

-->> want to join other contests too!!
sounds fun!! fun!! fun!!

I have like a week to rest and do whatever I want to
because my university decided to postpone
the beginning of our classes this june 8,
They were like freaking out due to this AH1N1 flu virus..

This coming school year, I'm an incoming 5th year student
in fine arts.. and I'm some kinda anxious cuz
next year I'll be taking up my thesis.
I decided not to take my thesis and
just be a regular 4th year student..

Well.. enough of the blah blah!!
Here are my drawings..
hope you like it!!

I did these drawings cuz my fashion design
professor told us to do a collection..

I choose spring/summer collection,
showcasing bright colors
such as aqua blue,
sunny yellow,
and orange.

All 5 drawings..

I super want to have this dress...

I really like this dress..
Love the trench coat and
the belt with it.

I have used my old watermark here..
I have been wanting to post this for a long
time now..

Hope you like it..