Thursday, August 13, 2009

painting contest entry(busy busy)

Sorry for being MIA ladies, I have been
painting this past few days.
I'm currently because I decided to join a nationwide art contest
sponsored by Shell Philppines.

I am joining the
"42nd Shell student's national art competition"

I is a nationwide art competition
wherein students can join the said contest.

my entry would be "festivities"
how filipinos celebrate festivals,
wherein I choose Pahiyas festival in Quezon Province..

I'm painting in a 2x3 foot canvass.
How big is a foot?
it is as big as a meter(you ca measure it by spreading your arms)
a quarter of it is a foot.

Sorry cuz these images are still unfinished,
I still haven't colored the human body parts,
only the clothing and the background.

I'm currently at the 20% of the total canvass itself.
I hope i can at least be at the top 3, hehe
I'm so anxious because I have always wanted to join the competition
since I was in high school.

I over cramming right now cuz the said competition is due this
Aug 21, 2009
And I have a least 2 days to finish my painting!!!
we are only allowed to submit this aug 17 only!!

well, enough of the chit chat.. here is my UNFINISHED artwork

my painting tools,,,
what i'm using right now...