Thursday, June 18, 2009

short animation

so this is my first ever attempt in doing a short filmed animation, it's entitled
" Di porket itim malas"( Not all black are unlucky)

This story is about a black cat(well I'll just tell you a short story,
here in the Philippines there are myths of the old
old people
saying that black cats bring mischief and bad luck, it
is also said that they
have nine lives)so there's a short back drop
of the story..

my production is named CRAM WORKS( for the term cramming,
cuz I did this
animation at the last minute)

The black cat named "lucky" (what a coincidence right? his name is lucky but he's such an unfortunate cat) have had lots of unfortunate events in his life..

scene 1:
He finds himself being alone, So the first unfortunate
event in his life is that
he's been ran over by a car,
so he lost 1 life.
8 lives left
scene 2:
The cat, desperate for food finds a tin can and
gobbles up the spoiled food,
he ends up dying..
7 lives out.

scene 3: The cat while resting at the park has been a
bait for children playing prank jokes,
He was placed at the sack to be thrown away.
6 lives left.
scene 4:
The cat while resting at the port, finds himself
falling at the edge cuz he's trying to catch
the fish that he saw.
5 lives left.
scene 5: the cat while walking alone in the dark
was striked by a falling
4 lives left
scene 6: The cat while walking at a vacant house unluckily
was stumbled by the falling cabinet.

3 lives left.
scene 7:
He was standing at the electricity post when
suddenly lightning strikes him.

2 lives left.
scene 8:
The cat feeling so desperate enough finally
finds himself to the hands of a caring child.

Lesson learned: We all have our " and they lived
happily ever after endi


So it's me cam whoring while waiting
for the video to upload