Tuesday, March 30, 2010

summer fun( heavy pic)

summer's here, and what thing to celebrate with it..
so last march 30 we had went to Josephine resort
the place was nice and great, and is very near the place..

We(together with my in laws) went to the said resort.

It was so much fun, although a bit sad,
I got to dark, which is out of my expectation..
and I even got bad as in bad sunburn at my shoulders..
and is still hurting up to now.

here are the pics...
glad to share it with you.

That was me before swimming.. how I missed my color

my baby boy, enjoying.

carl with his dad


carl with te nehs

carl at the poolside shower

happy family... ♥♥♥

pose again( this was me after I swam)
look how dark my skin tone is.


carl with my mother-inlaw

next stop.. we'll be having another outing with my family.
don't have a specific resort to go to yet.

have a nice and exciting vacation.
it's holy week and I'll be observing my holy week.
have a good day!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

miss shen's new blog

Hi.. so how are you today? well it's a bit gloomy, the weather here is freaking
hot, then suddenly it rained! my gosh!!!
well, I decided to browse my blog site, found this

it's miss shen's new blog

this blog is everything fashion related to..
news scoops. new fashion trends only in the metro
(metro manila) that is!

Don't forget to visit her site...

she also has an on going giveaway contest for her 2nd anniversary.
feel free to join!
starting next week hopefully I would be able to post
makeup LOTD's. hehe..
I missed playing with makeup.

bye for now


Saturday, March 20, 2010

shen's addiction anniversary giveaway...

HI!!! well I decided to post this lovely giveaway for shen's
2nd anniversary.. congrats and more years to come..

click here
for the giveaway rules

Winners will be selected randomly via

This contest will run from March 20 until April 30, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

digita traincase's giveaway contest

Hi!!! ms. sol from MY DIGITAL TRAINCASE is having a giveaway..

love those pretty neat prizes..

view giveaway rules here...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

cute pink bath set

As a kid, I totally missed out on the Strawberry Shortcake train but if I didn’t, I imagine my dream bedroom would look something like this, full of strawberry prints, red and white polka dots and heart shaped cushions:When I was about 10, I remember the other girls in my class raving about this thing called Strawberry Shortcake. I was too embarrassed to find out more about this popular “dessert”. Just as well. Can you imagine if I were to ask them “does it taste like cake with strawberries and cream on top?”:D
Major love for this sweet bedroom set. This orange-rose shade is so, so pretty. I could collapse into this bed right now!
Sometimes I wonder if I’m compensating for my pink (and Strawberry Shortcake) deprived childhood by featuring so many cute or pink stuff on The Lovely Room.

and some cute bathroom set to go with it...

I imagine one could live in a bathroom if one’s WC looked like this:
Only from the land of Hello Kitty and Toto Washlet-brand of fancy bidet toilets can you get something so ridiculously and outrageously cute, pink and lovely to enhance an activity so er.. basic.

A floral-themed bathroom set complete with toilet seat cover, frilly mat and curtains. You need to add a side table, cute tea set and a plate of cookies to complete the whole experience. LOL

Hi!! I've been busy busy busy, doing a lot, it's my finals weeks.
school stuff anyways... I was looking for toilet seats, for my ad campaign..
I stumbled upon a cute cute picture..

I really do love pastels and pinks.. heart heart heart them!!
isn't it lovely, I would love to have one, for myself
when the time comes that we'll have own house.


Pink and white stripes with ribbons loo set.
Cute polka dot set. A little off-topic, but I love the wood floor paneling.

A Hime Gyaru’s wet dream. Tra lala.

so this is the reason why I was browsing through some ahem! toilet seat.. I'm doing an ad campaign for the so-called launching of a new pampers product( my own logo design, total care)..
my silly prof gave me that campaign, I do not want this, but it was fun doing it though..

On saturday, march 7 will be my mock defense.. In preparation for my thesis next sem(june),.
Please pray that I will be able to pass it with flying colors, Ive been wide awake for the past 5 days and 4 nights, and still counting...

these are just some of my layouts, there are about 15 of them, my gosh!
I'm so dead tired... well, better go back to work..

have a good day!