Sunday, April 11, 2010

love love eye makeup

Hi ladies, so after how many months of not doing any EOTD.
I missed doing so!!!!
It's so hot here in the Philippines, and out of boredom
I decided to do it.. ehehe..

I used my favorite color pink pink pink.. it's one of mystique eye..

hope you enjoyed this as much as I did doing the look..
Love the look so much... ♥♥

so here are the stuffs I used:

Mac in (rose blanc)
Mac (white) (i forgot the name) sorry :)
La colors palette
elf eyeshadow
Revlon fantasy lengths false eyelashes
bare naturals color corrector
eyeliner and liquid eyeliner(bought at watsons)

and before I forgot,
pls do visit te nehs site..
she is currently doing a blog site..:)