Sunday, May 17, 2009

StArBuCks ish..

Hi there! I've been so busy doing my finals.
We have a group presentation this coming tuesday,
and I think we are prepared for this.. haha

Me and my classmates meet up at STARBUCKS San Lazaro.
We came there about past 2:00 pm.
Some of our group mates came around 4-5 pm.

We decided to meet up and do our meeting there
cuz we all know that the starbucks ambiance is just so
inviting, isnt it?

My group mate using me laptop,
while designing a kiddie toothpaste line..

And who doesn't love their coffees, specially their blended coffes
and blended creams??

And so I ordered a Strawberries n' cream Venti.. haha
My hubby liked it so much we ordered another one.
Sorry bout the mess in my table..

There's my name on it!!! see..

These are my friends orders.. looks so delighting!

So we did finished our designs and successfully went home
about 8:30 in the evening!

My gosh, that was my longest Starbucks experience,
I usually just go there to buy my fav frappe, java chip,
sometimes I stay their with my hubby about 2-3 hours..

But this time it's about 6 hours! OMF'NG!

We spend about 700php in our food and drinks.
We'll it's all worth it.

Loved sharing my story with you gals.


I do hope that our group can pass our finals..