Friday, November 20, 2009

2012 3d+ ramblings... how I missed blogging!

Hi gurls.. well its been soooooo long since my last post.
I've been so excited to tell a few thing, first of all, my painting
-->remmber when I posted a painting that have not been finished
(i did forgot to take a photo of it, oops!) I got the painting already, I did not won( my gosh we were about 1,000+ contestants so my chances of winning might be zero)

But it was wayyyyy to fun to join such a national competition.
And again I'll be joining another one( the pldt directory 2010-2011 issue)

maybe i'll post the finished product next week.

The second thing is that I already watched the movie 2012 in 3d!!! loved it so much. It was such an epic movie. I indeed enjoyed every bit of the movie..
specially it was on 3d!! It was like for real!!

well, it was my 2nd choice(my hubby and I) because we did not make it to the
1st day showing of NEW MOON, there were so many freaking people waiting in line.
All the screening times from 6-9 pm were sold out, and the only time available is of 11:30 pm-1:45 am (huwhattt!!! 11:30 pm) that was like super duper last film showing, at it was to late at night for us to wait,, but I got out tickets reserved for next weeks showing, hahaha..

I'll be gone for 3 days, i'll be going to Calaruega, Batangas for my annual retreat..

here are some pictures of the church..

this place is so relaxing, what a perfect time to unwind and relax..
It has been a very busy day for me, and now i'll try to get a few hours sleep,
--- good night guys!!---