Friday, July 3, 2009

movie madness....

I"VE SEEN IT!!!!! love it!!

HI ladies!! hehe.. I'm missing yah ladies a lot.
I 've been doing a lot of school work these past few days.

Btw, just finished watching TRANSFORMERS
"Revenge of
the fallen"..

I was with my hubby.. haha,
managed to go to the mall and watch..
It was like OMGGGG!!!!!
I fucking love love love the movie,
when I first heard about the movie I
was so excited...

I really salute the people behind the CGI department.
Love how they manage to make the graphics as
realistic as possible.. WHEW!!!

How I wish i could learn that also.
and also by the way,
I'm taking up short course of making
computer graphics animation..
for about 5 months, hope to make a short film
made with graphic animations.. haha!!

I just wanted to share some of my paintings, since I haven't posted any of my artworks lately..

the models used here are my clasmates.. this is called abstract art
A portrait of my dear parents,
soryr cuz its still not finished..
wanted to paint frames at the side,
but still I haven't decided on what frame to use..

My very own portrait..
I choose a fairy tale theme,
thumbelina is my inspiration,,
that's why the flower is much bigger than me..

My very own portrait also, this is an impressionist and abstract design..

Hope you all like it,
please don't forget your comments..

Thank you so muchhh!!!