Sunday, May 31, 2009

disney contest entry!!!

Bring out your wild side!!

I decided to join Sarah
( contest..
This will be my very first contest entry for makeup.. haha, I'm a bit anxious and scared yet excited to join. I have been checking on her site for almost 1 week, before I decided to join her contest..

It's a Disney theme contest.. click here for the contest details!

I choose Tigger as my inspiration. He's my favorite..
Since my childhood days..
How cute isn't it? hehe.. Enough of the chit chat so here is


Here are the items I used..

-->> coastal scents(88 matte palette)
-->> MAC studio fix liquid foundation(nc30)

-->> elf pressed powder

some items I used are bought only in the Philippines

-->> nichido liquid liner
-->> unbranded falsies(bought it from watsons)

Well I do hope I win.. Btw, the contest end june 1 midnight.. I must be very very very late in joining the said contest But it's never too late isn't it??


Saturday, May 30, 2009

thanks gals..

Awww... I hit past 50 followers in just a month?!!
Thanks gals, never thought that I'd never reach 50ish followers..


Friday, May 29, 2009

ghetto ring

I found out about this adorable ring while browsing through
the net. lovely isn't it?
I’ve been admiring the name plate ring that LC has been donning since last season. I even read somewhere that she had them custom made at a posh Beverly Hills jeweler for her family and friends last Christmas. Ok, so you guys can tell that I googled “Laruen Conrad’s ring” and clicked away to try and find someone else who actually manufactures a similar double finger ‘ghetto’ ring as they call it. Well, I found one, and the price is not bad either! You can type in your name, ring size, and silver or gold preference, and viola! Now, I’m not going to directly link to them because, honestly, I’m not sure how legit the website is.


If you really want one, than just follow my lead and google it! But don’t hold me responsible for any mishaps! haha..


love love

It's our 41st monthsary!!! haha...
We did not celebrated outside, but there were plans
of watching movies..
But because of the rainy weather(darn the weather)
we decided to just stay at home,and planned that
tomorrow we'll go watch movies.
Were planning to watch angels and demons.
I was like waiting for weeks to see the movie!
Finally I can watch tomorrow.

I have written a poem for him..
Here it is..

I keep thinking of how much I Love talking to you,

How good you look when you smile,
How much I love your laugh,
I daydream about you off and on,

replaying pieces of our conversation,
laughing at funny things
that you did or said,
I've memorized your face,
& the way that you look at me..

I catch myself smiling again at what I imagine,
I wonder what will happen the next time
we are together and even
though neither of us know what the future holds,
I know one things for sure,
You're the best thing that happened to me


Thursday, May 28, 2009

yellow and orange look..

Hiyah!! well.. I've done another makeup look.
And this is my inspiration.. I really like how the color yellow and orange
blends, and how lovely the falsies look.. haha

The macro shot of the eye makeup..

My look..

I did the best that I could to imitate the said makeup.
Sorry if it's not that perfect, I'm not an expert..
Just experimenting..
I did not really knew what colors are used,
my eyesight might be failing me.
Yes, I did see 3 colors, but did not came up
exactly as I wanted..

Hope yah all like it..

All I did is the eye makeup, but I did put foundation on and
a bit of powder.. haha
I did not put blushies on..
don't forget to leave your comments and suggestions

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

love love love HELLO KITTY!

WOW! This will be my first contest entry ever! haha
I'm soooo excited!

--> You just have to answer a question,
It's so easy to do, and you just have to
repost the given link.

visit her site at...

here are the rules and regulations!..

- you must answer her
question on this same post
- you must be a follower
- you must reblog this post & link it
- contest closes on J
une 5, 2009 midnight (plenty of time for you to join and me to make your prizes fab)


This is my contest entry!

I definitely love HELLO KITTY!
I have been her fan for almost my whole entire life.
My favorite HK item would be my stationary set.
This set was given to me when I was about 5 years old.
I definitely kept it, some memories are meant to be kept right?

(here's a closer look)
This was given to me by my mom..
It has stickers with it too.
Isn't it cute?

oh well.. Hope I win ,haha..


thank you for smoking...

This is my 2nd post for the day. Just wanted to share this
with you gals.

I love the easy elegance that Bobbi Brown Beauty
Team Artist S├ębastien Tardif showed last month at the launch
of Bobbi's fifth and latest literary installment, Makeup Manual.
Minimalist and feminine chic, with a hint of a decidedly
'90s aesthetic, was the look of the day.

After prepping with a base to even out skin tones,
brows were softly defined before moving on to the main
contender, the model's sultry,
ultra-sexy peepers. In quite the novel approach,
S├ębastien carefullydabbed black gel liner onto the lids with a
stubby eyeshadow brush—the whole process taking surgical
precision, with the edges deliberately not going over the eye crease
to keep it pared-down–and in what seemed like the Best Idea Ever,
topped it off with bright cobalt blue shadow from the
Bobbi Brights Palette. The result was a dark and
yet clean and updated, take on the smoky eye, which is on-trend
with this season's painterly and futuristic flavor.

To balance out the moody eyes, the cheeks and lips were kept in
the nude-slash-warm peach territory with a powder blush and soft,
petal-colored lipstick, with finishing touches like two coats of black mascara
and black eyeliner polishing it all up. The hair, in homage to the
great grunge-glam generation, was effortlessly simple: we
welcomed back the side-swept ponytail with open arms,
as it keeps us all face forward and ready to shine for the rest of S/S '09.

Click on for tips on copping our Look We Love: Modern Smoky Eyes.

Click here to see Style Bible's guide to summer.

tomato red pouts..

“In ancient Greece, red lip paint was largely the domain of prostitutes.”
Hmm..I’m starting to think that we shouldn’t have begun with that quote.
Actually, I take it back, since we all know that the trend traveled from the street to
the elite over time, and now the highest of the high don the trend. I, like most of you,
have been on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick for quite a while now. And I think
I finally cracked the code. I was out on a mini shopping spree with one of my besties
yesterday, and she had on the most magnificent coral/red lipstick. Upon further
investigation, I found out that the shade was by MAC, and called Lady Danger
(ooh, I’m so biting my tongue to avoid placing any puns here). I’m actually calling
the closest MAC shop to inquire if they have the shade in stock, and am going to get
a-goin’ right after posting this. Oh, and yes I’m planning on wearing it out in the
daylight. Bloody orange lips just scream brunch outing donchya think?!

Monday, May 25, 2009

dramatic brown look!!

I have newly done nails(see it?) Just wanted a natural looking
polish so I used a creamy frosted beige nail polish. I bought it from a mall.
And then placed french tips at the end.
hehe.. It was fun fun fun to do, but needed time to perfect it.

Hi ladies! since I haven't posted any makeup lately
I decided to play around with my palette.
I only used neutral browns and some black to
create a dramatic effect.

Enough of the chit chat.. Let's go on with the make up sessions..

First: I placed a lighter color of brown? I think?? or golden brown?
on the inner half of my eyelids..

Secondly: I put the darker shade of brown on the other
outer corner half of the eyelid.

Third: Placed a little amount of black eyeshadow
on the crease, and blend it very slowly..

Voala! I just finished the first part of it. Sorry bout the quality
of the picture, It was too cloudy outside when I
did this shot

Then after doing so.. You can now put liquid liner on your upper eyelid.
I love love doing this.
Oh! I forgot to mention that I first put the eyeshadow makeup
before I put foundation and some powder.
After that I put the falsies on.
Th falsies is one of my newest haul last Sunday.
Don't forget to put some blushies on, and
for the final touch the pink pucker up lipstick,
added a dash of gloss on it..

These are the finished looks.. hope you like it!!

Closed eye shot haha.. see how long the lashes are?
I recently bought this lashes last Sunday. And I still haven't posted my
Sunday haul. haha.. maybe tomorrow I'll post it

Hope yah all love it, as much as I enjoyed doing it. haha..
More make up posts soon!