Friday, May 29, 2009

ghetto ring

I found out about this adorable ring while browsing through
the net. lovely isn't it?
I’ve been admiring the name plate ring that LC has been donning since last season. I even read somewhere that she had them custom made at a posh Beverly Hills jeweler for her family and friends last Christmas. Ok, so you guys can tell that I googled “Laruen Conrad’s ring” and clicked away to try and find someone else who actually manufactures a similar double finger ‘ghetto’ ring as they call it. Well, I found one, and the price is not bad either! You can type in your name, ring size, and silver or gold preference, and viola! Now, I’m not going to directly link to them because, honestly, I’m not sure how legit the website is.


If you really want one, than just follow my lead and google it! But don’t hold me responsible for any mishaps! haha..


4 loving thoughts,,:

Sarah said...

Ahhhh I love LC and her droolworthy accessories!!!!

Jean said...

I've never much liked double finger rings but that one is gorgeous.

maviclicious said...

me too.. never imagined me wearing those, but loved it when I saw her wearing those..

Danica Krizia said...

i found a ring like that at wet seal except it says's real cute, and it reminded me of the Lauren so I got one too :)