Sunday, June 7, 2009

day at the park

A day at the Eco park..
It's a very fine day,
It has been raining
but at least the rain did stopped..
A great day to go to the park.

OLA!!! It's been an exciting day for us yesterday.
We went to LA Mesa Eco park,
it's my first time here.

This reserve park is known as the
La mesa watershed,
they have recreated the place to be
a park, it's so nice.

There were lots of birds,
the greeness and richness of nature
is well preserved here.

Love the whole idea of nature tripping and stuff..
Only me, carl, and my hubby went there..

My baby boy at the monkey bars
He's dad is holding him underneath..

We also went to the butterfly hatchery.
My son really wanted to touch the butterflies.

A nice picture indeed..

My only solo picture,
I'm the so called photographer
so I don't have enough photos of myself..

It's really exhausting but it
fun fun fun!!

My two beloved..

It has been a fun and nice day..
My next post will be
my awards, and tags,
an my contest entry for Krystal's