Friday, February 19, 2010

funny filipino signs...

HI everybody.. well I've been MIA for about a week, (almost)..
I am currently busy preparing for our defense this coming march 6.
All hopes for me and my group.. hehe
Enough of that, I stumbled upon a site of my friend.
And decided to re-post her post.. (what the??)

To all my fellow filipino bloggers...

Filipinos are very happy people,
I don't know if they really intend to express it that way.
I was so laughing all the time when I saw these signs..
MY god!!!
please excuse me, but i have to catch my breath! lol


The word "itlog" itself is funny

no urinating: CLEARLY the sign states that.

because when you combine onion and tomato, it's a UNION:)

the only way to stop this jeep is to fill it up with lubid!

just white

if your pigs have wheels, you can't park them here! but if they have feet, ok lang.

oo nga naman, NO!

just bananas

this is a cute idea for an eco bag. THAT all!

yes, pakisabi lang sa patay!

gising lang ang pwedeng pumasok

is like baskitbowl

and the funniest of all...

ohmygaadd. promise? lol

Hope you enjoyed it, as much as I did!!! love love..