Tuesday, March 30, 2010

summer fun( heavy pic)

summer's here, and what thing to celebrate with it..
so last march 30 we had went to Josephine resort
the place was nice and great, and is very near the place..

We(together with my in laws) went to the said resort.

It was so much fun, although a bit sad,
I got to dark, which is out of my expectation..
and I even got bad as in bad sunburn at my shoulders..
and is still hurting up to now.

here are the pics...
glad to share it with you.

That was me before swimming.. how I missed my color

my baby boy, enjoying.

carl with his dad


carl with te nehs

carl at the poolside shower

happy family... ♥♥♥

pose again( this was me after I swam)
look how dark my skin tone is.


carl with my mother-inlaw

next stop.. we'll be having another outing with my family.
don't have a specific resort to go to yet.

have a nice and exciting vacation.
it's holy week and I'll be observing my holy week.
have a good day!