Monday, May 25, 2009

dramatic brown look!!

I have newly done nails(see it?) Just wanted a natural looking
polish so I used a creamy frosted beige nail polish. I bought it from a mall.
And then placed french tips at the end.
hehe.. It was fun fun fun to do, but needed time to perfect it.

Hi ladies! since I haven't posted any makeup lately
I decided to play around with my palette.
I only used neutral browns and some black to
create a dramatic effect.

Enough of the chit chat.. Let's go on with the make up sessions..

First: I placed a lighter color of brown? I think?? or golden brown?
on the inner half of my eyelids..

Secondly: I put the darker shade of brown on the other
outer corner half of the eyelid.

Third: Placed a little amount of black eyeshadow
on the crease, and blend it very slowly..

Voala! I just finished the first part of it. Sorry bout the quality
of the picture, It was too cloudy outside when I
did this shot

Then after doing so.. You can now put liquid liner on your upper eyelid.
I love love doing this.
Oh! I forgot to mention that I first put the eyeshadow makeup
before I put foundation and some powder.
After that I put the falsies on.
Th falsies is one of my newest haul last Sunday.
Don't forget to put some blushies on, and
for the final touch the pink pucker up lipstick,
added a dash of gloss on it..

These are the finished looks.. hope you like it!!

Closed eye shot haha.. see how long the lashes are?
I recently bought this lashes last Sunday. And I still haven't posted my
Sunday haul. haha.. maybe tomorrow I'll post it

Hope yah all love it, as much as I enjoyed doing it. haha..
More make up posts soon!