Wednesday, May 27, 2009

tomato red pouts..

“In ancient Greece, red lip paint was largely the domain of prostitutes.”
Hmm..I’m starting to think that we shouldn’t have begun with that quote.
Actually, I take it back, since we all know that the trend traveled from the street to
the elite over time, and now the highest of the high don the trend. I, like most of you,
have been on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick for quite a while now. And I think
I finally cracked the code. I was out on a mini shopping spree with one of my besties
yesterday, and she had on the most magnificent coral/red lipstick. Upon further
investigation, I found out that the shade was by MAC, and called Lady Danger
(ooh, I’m so biting my tongue to avoid placing any puns here). I’m actually calling
the closest MAC shop to inquire if they have the shade in stock, and am going to get
a-goin’ right after posting this. Oh, and yes I’m planning on wearing it out in the
daylight. Bloody orange lips just scream brunch outing donchya think?!

5 loving thoughts,,:

becky said...

Nice...A red lip stick can be a really intimidating color for me and finding the right one can be difficult. I need to get out of my comfort zone lol.

simpliizity said...

I could never pull off red lips :(

maviclicious said...

i love wearing red lipstick, I feel very sexy but my hubby says It's too dark for me.. He says that he's used to seeing me using light lippies. I use red lippies with violet tone, cuz I have caramel colored skin tone.

*Nehs* said...

red lips is sexy.

maviclicious said...

haha.. yup, you're right