Sunday, March 21, 2010

miss shen's new blog

Hi.. so how are you today? well it's a bit gloomy, the weather here is freaking
hot, then suddenly it rained! my gosh!!!
well, I decided to browse my blog site, found this

it's miss shen's new blog

this blog is everything fashion related to..
news scoops. new fashion trends only in the metro
(metro manila) that is!

Don't forget to visit her site...

she also has an on going giveaway contest for her 2nd anniversary.
feel free to join!
starting next week hopefully I would be able to post
makeup LOTD's. hehe..
I missed playing with makeup.

bye for now


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Abby said...

Regarding your comment on my last post:

Yes sis. This product has been long in the market. In the US, I believe they carry it in stores. You can also buy it online. check out their website, there might be an info onhow to order. But if you're asking if it's available here in the philippines, unfortunately, it's not. =p Thanks for visiting =)