Monday, April 27, 2009

ice creaminess...

Hi ladies! as I promised I posted my package design work,
Which I've worked hard for about 2 and a half days.

Well, besides the printed format, I also did some manual drawings
because we are required to.. hehe

well, here are my hardwork..

This is the layout for the gallon, don't even know why its so small But I've uploaded
it as large.. oh well..

I named my ice cream in gallon SO ICY.

This is the Brand name of my ice cream line..
This is the logo choosen by my professor, after picking from almost 16 different logos..

This is for the popsicle stick. I named it bomb pop, I also included the actual popsicle stick, which is made of clay and colored it with poster paint..

This is for the coned ice cream. It's purple yam flavor so I've colored it purple.. haha.
The name of my ice cream in cone is fudge.

I'm so proud to say that i got a gade of 100 for this plate. My professor gave me the
highest grade.

I'm glad to share this with you ladies.... chiao..


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Chrissy said...

No wonder you got the highest grade, you did a good job on all of these! I would buy the products in a jiffy if I saw them on the market. This my dear is good packaging...if not a bit on the hard to read side. :) Congrats on the 100!