Monday, April 27, 2009

this week's fashion NOs

Mariah Carey: A dress fit for a cupcake!

Paris: Bzzz… I hope Doug’s not allergic to Bees!

Katie Holmes: Looks like she accidentally wore Tom’s jeans.

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hmm.. see how people make fool of themselves.. well everyone has it's own ups and downs..
don't forget to leave your nasty comments.. bye for now..

5 loving thoughts,,:

Chrissy said...

Mariah looks silly, Katie looks like a soccer mom, and Paris looks okay. Except for the bee-ness.

Anastacia said...

Also I like Paris dress :)

iambeautiful20 said...

ew for Mariah's dress. I love her but not the dress.

Pop Champagne said...

Actually I like Paris's outfit! Maybe it's cuz she wears so many weird ones lately that this one looks ok lol

tiff said...

Mariah's dress is awful. Maybe if it was a little shorter it would be a little less awful...the length seems a little awkward to me.