Sunday, April 19, 2009

make over ish..

Here, she did a tri colored look, I love this look cuz its so artistic, I love playing with colors and some sorts.

In this picture she did a girly pink makeup for me, cuz my hubby does not like dark colored eyeshadows. Lovely isn't it?

In this look she created a lovely simple neutral makeup. This can be worn during daytime, and is easy to do.

This look is so called smokey blue, cuz blue is my favorite color.

This will be my first official blog entry in my new account.

These are some of the make over make up sessions with my sister in law.

She also has an account here, she does a lot of make up works and has very much accomplishments in about a year or so. Our make up sessions is probably our so called bonding time. She always loves to make me pretty. Ressassured that I look as gorgeous as always. Well, this is my second account as a blogger, I forgot my username and password so I decided to create a new one. haha.. Here are some her creations with me as her model, haha..

Me with a smokey silver grey look, Love the dramatic effect in this look.
Love Love Love the curls..

Hope You Like It.. Till next time.. mwahhzzz

3 loving thoughts,,:

*Nehs* said...

ganda ng site... :)

Anastacia said...

Love your make-up!

MAi . said...

i love that rainbow look! soo prettty!