Wednesday, April 22, 2009


What's up... hmmm, It's been a very stressful day for me.
By the way the video that I placed right above is the video taken this day also.
Well, To start off my story, I have a very very very tragic day.
Gosh! I've never so wasted in my entire life.
It started because I did not get enough sleep yesterday, cuz I have to finish some
packaging design works. I barely slept for about 2 and a half hours or so..

Second.. I was late in my class. It rained so damn hard that it flooded the streets of Manila.
I was forced to walk for about 30 mins to reach my 1st stop. Barely walked for about 2 kilometers..
And then, I called my friend asked her if we still have classes cuz I told her that the roads and
blocked(it's flooded). Then she told me that those who cannot come will be failed in our class.
Desperately clinging on to the time it was around 2:30 pm when I arrived my first stop.

I saw lots of people waiting and standing, I was so shocked to see the entire street flooded.
I have no choice but to cross the flooded streets. OH MY F'N GOD! It was so ewwyy
the fact that there were garbages floating around, and I even saw cockroaches.. hmmm..

And yes, time was running out so I never hesistated well maybe at first, But It left me no choice,
So I walked into the flooded streets(there was like massive traffic jam) Oh I forgot to tell that the water level was like above the knee..

Yes... I did cross the street, first I pulled my pants up to my knee and carried my shoes.
Yes.. I did walked bare footed! Imagine the struggling i'm going through. I did reached the school just in time before the class ends.

Here's the catch!
There isn't any vehicle passing through the flooded waters so my friend faye and I
decided to walk again barefooted amidst the flooded waters(in great despair to go home early)

haha... well, I guess that's my great adventure/misadventures for today..
Lucky me..

2 loving thoughts,,:

*Nehs* said...

*sigh* how exciting! hihihi.... jk!

Chrissy said...

Oh gosh! I guess I can be really thankful that that's never happened to me.

Thanks for following my blog!