Sunday, January 24, 2010

long mia ahead+recent mussings

Hi ladies... been missing a lot of my time to blog, missed doing make up looks and other stuff. I've been busy doing school stuff, I made another painting entry for the annual PLDT cover design contest..

I did the painting about a month ago, passed the painting 2 weeks ago, and was lucky enough to pass the first of two screenings... ( there was 2 screenings, first was only 2 entries per university, and secondly, only 6 will remain)
Hopefully, I'll get the chance to win, at least the honorable mentions.. haha

So to say, I did entered another contest (this was posted last year) the shell national art competition, did make it to the first screening also, but was not lucky enough to win... so I'm super duper crossing my fingers this time..


new updates from me, I did cut my hair shorter, about the " slightly below shoulder length" I got too sick of my wavy hair, because I always tie my hair, it got waves.. too bad, I was getting ready for my straight long hair again, looking forward for this year. I did miss my long hair... ( can anybody suggest any hair product for fast hair growth?) I want and beg to know one... I cut it because I wanted to remove the V part at the back, I want to keep it straight this time.. In the mean time, I suddenly remembered and sooo badly wanted to use my hair extensions again... hmmm, would that be necessary?? I wanted to use it as a cover up.. well well,, decisions decisions.. help me decide..

this was my long hair before,
about 2 years ago,
didn't achieve to have that hair again,
and I'm so decided to do it this year.

Oh well, enough of me, let's go too my lovely son, he talks so much, for a 2 year old boy, he loves going out, and asking lots of questions.. to bad I spend lesser time with him, because I very busy. I missed playing, teaching,learning,sleeping with him. those kind of stuff.

Enough of the oh so gloomy me.. I've decided to pursuit my skills in fashion..
I wanted to fashion design inspired thesis, this involves me doing my sketches, blah blah.. but the problem is, I do not have a unique idea to come up with??? pls do help.. Pls suggest a unique fashion design proposal.. I would like to do something like a couture gown, or I can also do casual wear... Help me pick whats nice and what's great. That would be of great help for me...

I just had a fun time sharing my stories with you...
I be gone for a long, I'll be busy doing my
advertising campaign for an adult diaper.. silly eh?
My stupid prof picked that topic, It was so hard, I even spent 2 weeks, finding the right persons to interview.. oh well... I can do this, I think.. hehehe

bye for now... mwahzzz


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*Nehs* said...

goodluck on the PLDT contest mavs!

pag nagkita tayo sabihin ko sayo secret ko para madaling humaba ang hair. :DDD

Liz said...

I'm gonna cross my fingers for you on that contest :D

Haha, pareho tayo problemado sa hair xD

Ms.Jenn said...

your blog layout is amazing!

Jasmin said...

Hi! Cute pic.