Saturday, December 19, 2009

out of town pics+more

hi, well, I have had a fun day yesterday, came from my cousin's son christening..
too bad I did not brought my cam with me, no pictures, I have to
grab them thru my cousin's fb account..

and also I have decided to post my pictures of last nov 25-27 in batangas.
My 3 day stay in caleruega.

my friend's photo ops...

remember the movie poster of new moon?
my friends made their own rendition,
only way more funnier.. epic!!

my friend doing the super man shot!

so this was the church that I was talking about,
a very very nice place to get married.. i'll be married here someday.

that very day, there was a wedding on preparation, we were too
lucky we took pictures of the place before the actual wedding.
my shot on a parol (Christmas lantern)

my friends...I was not there, I was the one who took the shot

taken minutes the sunset..

my vain pics..

hope you had fun browsing my pics...


3 loving thoughts,,:

Kym said...

mannnn that place looks like paradise! nice pix! i would love to be there right now instead of the cold and rain! hah! ;P

Jean said...

That is an impresive superman shot :)

Jasmin said...

Love these photos!