Sunday, August 23, 2009

flooded streets

hi ladies, I'm sooo back again, well after finishing the oil
painting(by the way that I did passed already)
I also did forgot to take photos of it,
I was so damn tired that day that I totally forgot
to snap pictures of it.

I also decided to pass another entry,
this time in digital form.

here's the picture..
FYI: that's me at the layout, I vectorized it
to look like a bit of retro and pop.

so, I was so happy yesterday cuz we don't have classes,
I'm a bit upset!! (nah) I was told not to go to school because
it flooded, but due to my permissive self,
I disobeyed what the good Samaritan told me.

I was like half way while commuting to school,
when I first saw the leg length water,
still decided I did not stopped and decided to stop where the
fx is going,
My classmate then told me that the water in front of our school is
waist high already!!!

Here are my misadventures... it's scary yet funny..
( i hate to admit this, It was so funny when i saw this!)

I already did experienced this phenomena for about 2 times already, it's extremely insane!!! 2 times in about half a year??? how many disasters will i encounter within the whole year itself??


3 loving thoughts,,:

Dana Yoshimizu said...

WOw, that's pretty insane~! @__@

izumi said...

soooooo much water!! wowwww.

i love your layout!~ the quote is awesome (:

Chrissy said...

omg, this is horrible (the flooding of course). I often see this on the news on tv.