Thursday, June 11, 2009

tropical colors

Wazzup!! I did a tropical look, I really wanted to join The tropically Glam'd contest by:

But I decided not to, I wanted to do another look.. Just wait and see.. haha!! Love her idea for holding such a great contest..
The peacock is my inspiration for this.. haha..
So nice!!!

So it was a hot and fine day, decided to do make up, and here it is!!
Got inspired by the contest but doubted that
this would be the ONE look..
I used the colors blue green and lime green
in my coastal scents matte palette.. Borrowed the palette from my sis nehs.. thanks sis!!

Well, do yah think that nude lipsticks fit me??

Actually, never did I used these colors, Never thought it'll look great!!
haha.. Don't forget to leave your precious comments ladies..

No this is not my contest entry yet.
Just a test make up look..

My next post will be my contest entry for krystall's
once upon a MAC Collection..
It's been a week that I have hold those precious pictures
of mine,
but I already sent her some of the shots..

It's going to be fierce baby!!!


14 loving thoughts,,:

Anonymous said...

what a vibrant colors and pretty face and wow for your contact na green :P i like it!

Kym said...

absolutely stunning! i love the colours you chose, perfect! and the eyelashes are gorgeous PLUS the flower in the hair just seals the deal :)

*Nehs* said...

so FIERCE!! love it mavic!!! specially the perfect! and the colors u used are super vibrant! just GREAT!

*Nehs* said...

this would have be great for the tropical contest!

my_makeup_mania said...

OMGGG! Gorgeous! So cool bolt look! Very vibrant! Love brights! I think you'll be the winner in your contest entry!

Danica Krizia said...

damnn! this is so hot! I LOVE IT!! can you do that to me too? lol btw i love your banner on top too!

Wuschel said...

love that look! you look gorgeous. good luck for the contest!

sokpoprocks said...

oh my gosh! you look gorgeous!

KRYSTAL said...

wow goodjob! goodluck!

Gaby said...


Katrina is a Princess said...

That look is sooo gorgeous! You look like a doll!!! Amazing!

R.C. said...

WOW!!! Absolutely LOVE IT!!!

Chomsiri said...

very bold! i like how you have little wings or design on the bottom of your lashes! def look like a peacock!

donnarence said...

super nice.. :D goodluck on the contest.. :D i love the colors.. perfect