Tuesday, May 19, 2009

my first month!!

Hi! my gosh it's been a month since I first started out my bloggie thing.. Thnx for my followers. Thnx for my ever supportive mentor/sister(nehs)haha..
She's the one who told me to try out blogging. Who says blogging isn't fun right?

Its addicting baby!!
Who you'd ever think that I wold have lots of friends/followers,
Frankly, I never thought I would be followed..

ahhh... So sweet of you guys!

Thanks for following me..

5 loving thoughts,,:

*Nehs* said...

Happy first month of blogging Mavs! :)
Congrats on your followers! yey! <3

Chrissy said...

Hey there, congratulations on your first month of blogging! I celebrated mine just a month ago, too. Funny how fast time flies, right?

maviclicious said...

yup! how fast time flies, I was so surprised when I looked at my blog list, and found out that it was my 1st month.. thnx again for the commentss, and also for being my followers sissies!

izumi said...

congrats on your first month! time will fly and soon you'll be at your first year ;)

simpliizity said...

Weee :) Congrats siiiz ^^, Looking forward for your future posts :) Never stop okii :*