Saturday, May 23, 2009

cinnamon buns?

Is it me or do the models in the Catherine Malandrino Spring 2009 show look like they have cinnamon buns pinned to the front of their heads? Do I hate it? Hmmm not really. It’s hard to dislike anything with clothing that beautiful in the picture. Check out the chain detailed top in the middle especially- WOWZA! Anyways back on track, would youwear this look??? I can only imagine the amount of ridicule you’d get from you’re not too fashion conscious friends (everyone has at least one of those) but if you’re willing to take the risk… To get the look:

1. Straighten hair with a flatiron and apply a gloss serum.

2. Bring all hair to the front and form a ponytail similar to a uniqorn’s horn.

3. Split this ponytail into two halves and twist each half into a bun, pin, and you’re done. Make sure and try to form an S-shape with the two buns.


3 loving thoughts,,:

becky said...

lol yeah it does look like a cinnamon bun. Im not sure it its cool, but its very cool for a runway look :)

Kaz said...

i can't imagine anyone on the streets w/ hair like that! haha. it's like trying too hard to look like you just came from the runway. but that's just me :D

maviclicious said...

better let it stay at the runways.. haha! but it's an unusual style, I admit..