Saturday, May 23, 2009

celebrity chiq!

The sandals are (big surprise) by their line Elizabeth & James, and are available for pre-order here! After taking a closer look at the shoes, we have to admit that they’re quite hot, and the fact that they’re only available in limited quantities makes them even hotter. Again, thank you Olsens for managing to make us fall in lurve with an item while out on your daily Starbux run. Sheesh.

After seeing this picture of Kate Moss out and about a few months ago I couldn’t help but think one thing: “I love her tunic!” If I had to take a guess back then I definitely would have said Gucci. However, I was happy to discover that it was a Kate Moss for Topshop piece. Why? Ummm… because I can actually afford it! If you are just as enamored, click here. Also, make sure to check out the rest of the Kate Moss for Topshop High Summer Collection because it’s quite fab.

I'm just so happy to share these with you guys!!
I so like to have Mary Kate's gldiator sandals, and I
super duper love Kate Moss's tunic top from Topshop..

Give me your thoughts about the items ladies.. haha..

3 loving thoughts,,:

Chomsiri said...

lately ive been in love with gladiator sandals!

Anonymous said...

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Kaz said...

i love everything by kate moss! but still, they're more expensive than the usual topshop stuff.