Wednesday, December 22, 2010

brightest FOTD contest entry

hi, I decided to join shen's contest (brightest FOTD )
here's my shot about the said contest
my bright/ sexy look would be wearing a very red lipstick
I like to keep my makeup light while me lippies do their thing.
I do not usually wear bright red lipstick but it surely boosts my confidence, it adds charm to my simple FOTD. When I read about the bright FOTD I first thought about having clear beautiful skin with minimal makeup, because being able to feel confident without having to wear heavy makeup .though red lipstick has become more of an occasional thing these day, it holds a special place in my heart. Few things are as simple and transforming.

I find ways to make my days brighter by expressing my thoughts thru painting.
regarding what products i used:

-mac foundation nc30
-fanny serrano concealer
- revlon matte lipstick in red
- covergirl tru blend mineral loose powder

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