Sunday, November 29, 2009

new moon fanatic

Hi guys, well I've been back home last friday after
my 3 day trip in Batangas..
I had so much fun that I almost forgot that 3 days are over, and now back to reality,
Last night my hubby and I watched new moon
and it was freaking very very nice!!!
I was so mesmerized by the story, the whole time I was so "kilig" hehe..
My hubby thought I had a crush on Jacob.. hmmm... well maybe a bit??

my thoughts about the movie,
the director did gave justice to the twilight saga,
it was like watching the first one, but only wayy
yyyy much better.

I can't wait for the 3rd sequel..
I'll be busy again this week, cuz I have to do lots of cram works.
(by the way i'll post my pictures during my trip to batangas in my next post)
bye for now

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