Sunday, August 30, 2009

new layout+ fun time wih my BFF

Hi!!! check out my new layout ladies, hehe..
I've decided to change it. I got so bored with the design already.

Which ones my nicer the old or the new one.

By the way,
My past few weeks were awesome,
I got to have some bonding time with my best friend.

I indeed missed her company so much,
both of us are busy at the moment and we seldom talk
to each other.

I enjoyed eating out with her (with my hubby)
oh! by the way, if not because of her,
I maybe should have not met my hubby,
they both went to the same school..

hehe, what a consequence right?

well well.. we did watched movies, we ate at
pizza hut(gateway)
drank gelatos at Starbucks,
and shopped at divisoria (hehe)
(it's the place to go for cheap but good stuff)

She is busy because she is doing her thesis
which is an "automated wine maker"
first of it's kind.

I did come with her when she bought different
wine glasses( tequila, vodka, red wine).

She also always tells me that i should make her
a personalized laptop skin
After all the so called pleases, etc,,
I have made her request.
she wanted something with black, purple and pink..

so here's my creation.
I got excited an had fun that i decided to make
2 designs??
how cool is that?!

I also made a laptop skin for myself.. haha
My fushia pink laptop will now be painted
deep black, or maybe red... haha.
got to bored with the color,
I have bought paint stuff.
maybe next week i'll paint it over..


3 loving thoughts,,:


this layout is sooo pretty! I love pink and black combo is just too cute together!!!

maviclicious said...

@honney bunny- thnx gurl, those colors are my all time favs..

Kym said...

love it! black and any color looks good! hehe! ;P