Friday, August 7, 2009

my eotd+my past pictures

here is my simple yet colorful EOTD,
I used orange and pink
my favorite colors..

I only did one eyelid, cuz i got tired.. haha..

Sorrryyyyyyy for being MIA..
huhu,, well it's been a very busy week for me.
I decided to share with you some of my
past pictures, some of them
are way back years ago..

I'm so glad to share these pictures with you..

that's me without makeup

sorry for the low quality of picture,
this was taken from a camera phone

during my breaktime at school..


6 loving thoughts,,:

Sugar said...

Amazing EOTD! the colors are sooo beautiful :) and so are you, btw you look very sexy with that short dark hair and pink lipstick! :D

Kym said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! :) look how long your hair was before!!! ;P

izumi said...

your skin looks awesomeee :) even w/o makeup! thanks for all the pics xD it was fun to look through!

Chrissy said...

wow, the pics are great. you look gorgeous in all the pics.

Anonymous said...

your so pretty. :) and those eyes were gorgeous.

I am now following you, subscribe and follow me :) check out my stuff

BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said...

The bright pink lips looks sooo nice on you.