Monday, May 11, 2009

shampoo and cereals..huh?

Hi gals, i'll be showing you the plates(rather my other package
design works) Thought one of the pictures was taken a week ago
I have no free time to edit it, anyways.. here are my works for
a shampoo and conditioner promo pack.
We were directed to make a new brand name for a shampoo and
conditioner promo pack. I have chosen AMORE, which means love
in Spanish. haha..
First I did the box itself, it was so hard to do,
but it took me only one try to make the
actual mock-up.

I did changed the standard look of the promo packs
that you can see in the grocery stores.
The typical boxed type?..

Isn't the shape lovely and sexy indeed?

This is for my cereal box variants..

Again another shape that I did,
my hubby helped me through this.
He wanted something new, and we decided to
put a curve so that the cereal box will be easy
to be handled..

Again I made 3 variants.
The strawberry flavored crunchy flakes..

The apple cinnamon toast crunchy flakes..

and last but not the least the
crunchy flakes in raisins..

Here are the three products all together.
They really look cute in personal. hehe..

It's been nice sharing this to all of yah.

4 loving thoughts,,:

donnarence said...

the oat puff boxes is really cute!!!

maviclicious said...

thnx donnarence.

LucĂ­a said...

Thank you for the info!

maviclicious said...

thnx for the comment lucia