Thursday, May 14, 2009

moi litol beibi boi..

I have nothing to post, I decided to show some candid shots of me
and my baby boy ANTHONY CARL.
His daddy took this pictures, (very slightly amateur) haha..
but still I love him..

Me and my baby.. I took this shot.
Me holding the heavy dslr(nikond60).
He looked so disgusting in this picture,
Cuz he wanted to touch the lens of my cam,
and I would not let him.

Maybe he'll too will be a future photographer..
Like mommy, like son..

Him making a peace sign.
His dad made him do the thing, He just followed his dad.
How cuteee...

Him making the jollibee sign..
Jollibee is a bee, so he we made him imitate the antlers of the bee.

so there's my baby boi..
not to mention he's very much a little rascal.
He likes playing a lot, and he's also loves bullying
other people.. hehe

ciao for now!

10 loving thoughts,,:

LucĂ­a said...

He´s lovely!!!!

Chomsiri said...

awww! hes so cute!

PinkChopstick said...

awww hes a cute little guy!

*Nehs* said...

peace yo! ang cute naman nito!!!

simpliizity said...

such an adorable son you have :)

maviclicious said...

thanx for the comments gals, I'm blessed to have such a lovely baby boy.

iambeautiful20 said...

Awww...your son is pretty boy! God bless to you and your family :)

maviclicious said...

thnx gurl..

Anonymous said...

awww... your baby boy is so cute!

maviclicious said...

thnxz miss_ak..