Monday, May 4, 2009

fort santiago shots..

Hi! Back so soon.. I would just like to share you some of my photos taken in
This is a historical site..
I did shoot at this place because we were told to do
a book containing any topic that we like, and since the place is so near
I'ved decided to go to the place.

It's our first time to go their(me and my hubby) haha..

Hope you enjoy..

I made this thru HDR.

This are some of the pages since the whole book is made up of 25 pages.
I cannot upload all of them..hehe..

and of course..

Who will ever forget to take pics of himself at that place?? hmm..
This is me and my hubby..

4 loving thoughts,,:

donnarence said...

you are one hell of an artist!!! you and hubby looked perfect together.. :D

*Nehs* said...

Agree with donna! :DD

maviclicious said...

thnks donnarence..

maviclicious said...

thnnx sis nehs..